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Mysterious Teaching

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I'm learning about the Daily Five...

One of my team teachers was trying to explain what it was.  As she talked, all I could think of was Good God NO!  How in the world would you have time to do all of that and still teach the skills. Weeeellll, she isn't a very good explainer.  I got in touch with another friend and she filled me in on what it is and how it is going in her class.  Now, I have purchased The Daily Five book as well as it's companion The CAFE Book.  I am totally excited.  I am going to join the web site too.  It does include all the teaching time, skills, fluency, phonics...everything.  It is supposed to be almost the way I taught back 25 years ago.  When students learned to read by READING!  I can't wait.  I will be blogging next year as I learn the process and work with the students.

Someone asked (as a joke) if the daily 5 was the 5 students you picked ramdomly to spank every day.  I said I didn't have 5 kids to spank anymore.  I only have one.  Can I spank him 5 times a day?

Published Wednesday, May 02, 2012 1:15 PM by MysteryTeacher

Jim said:

Glad to hear that your other friend explained Daily Five properly. I'm a resource teacher at a k-5 school and all our classroom teachers use and love it.

May 12, 2012 12:23 PM
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