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Mysterious Teaching

Insights behind the perils of being a teacher

Teachers RULE Fifth Grade Drools...

Every year our teachers play against the 5th grade in a kickball game.  It is always the last week of school.  Today was the big game.  WE WON!!!   We always do.  However, even though we won the 5th graders scored more points than any previous year.  I give them hoorah for that.  It is a really great time.  The teachers are funny, the kids are funny and everyone has a really good time.

Mr. G tries to trip kids coming in for home.  Or he will pick them up and hold them. (We give them the run)  And the 5th graders try to block the teachers like this is a football game.  The other classes are all outside cheering for which ever team they want to support.  The younger they are, the more they cheer for the teachers.  We have students and teachers alike hanging on the back of someone's shirt to keep them from running too fast.  It is like a cartoon show.

I am the score keeper.  I have a bum knee besides being older than the hills.  Therefore, no one accuses either side with cheating.  I am known for being honest. (especially since I give the kids the score if they are prevented from touching the home base by a teacher.)

I love this tradition.  I hope it goes on and on. 

Published Wednesday, May 23, 2012 1:07 PM by MysteryTeacher
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